Call Forwarding Service

by xrealty 7. January 2015 21:46

We have an automated phone system where buyers are recited your primary phone number when they call our main line. This is already included in your package, free of charge.

We also offer a premium service where buyers are forwarded to up to 4 phone numbers you specify. All the numbers will be ringed at the same time. Calls on the other numbers will be dropped when one of the numbers pick-up the call. Each connected call can last up to 10 minutes, more than enough to get the details of the buyers, answer basic questions and/or schedule an appointment.

The fee to add or change this service is $30


The $30 fee also applies each time you make changes to the phone list that has been activated.

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Centralized Showing Service

by xrealty 4. March 2014 10:05

Centralized Showing Service is a call center frequently used by agents to schedule appointments when showing a house. Agents can call them if they want to show your house and CSS then follows whatever instructions you provide them. You will have access to the CSS website so you can change your showing instructions all the time. CSS is an agent to agent service. Buyers do not call CSS.


Centralized Showing Service $59


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Expedited MLS Submission

by xrealty 23. February 2014 02:09

All completed requirements go to our queue for MLS submission and are processed in the order they are received. Processing usually takes 24 hours by the time all requirement are completed. We charge a fee for same day expedited submission.


Expedited MLS Submission $100


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Disclosure Identification

by xrealty 20. February 2013 20:10

Every localities have their own set of disclosures depending on the type and the situation of the sale of your property. We can assist you in identifying this disclosures for just $150

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FSBO Informer

by xrealty 12. February 2013 18:42

One of the main task of a Real Estate agent when they sell a home is to keep a keen eye on how the market moves particularly on the competing properties of their listing. The MLS provides a report that informs agents when a property their listing are competing with goes under contract or sells and also if a new competing property comes out in the market.

We can make this report available to you for a low fee of $50. Do not be left out. Know what is going on in your market.

The cost of the FSBO Informer is $50

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