Disclosure Storage

by xrealty 10. April 2011 09:45

Store your disclosures right at the MLS so agents can easily download it. One time upload fee is just $30

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Re-use an Electronic Lockbox

by xrealty 15. December 2010 20:14

The electronic lockbox we lease comes with a $100 deposit. This deposit will be returned to you once you return the lockbox to us within 7 days from the listing expiry, withdrawal, or closing on the property whichever comes first. The deposit will be forfeited if not returned otherwise.

There is a $50 fee to re-use the electronic lockbox you leased from us and that you did not wish to return. This applies each time you want to re-use it on a listing. The fee covers generating the one day code so you can put and remove your keys

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Electronic Lockbox - Sentrilock Lease

by xrealty 25. July 2010 18:15

The Electronic Lockbox by Sentrilock is the highest security available in securing your key. Only Real Estate Professionals have direct access on this lockbox. Each registered RE Professional is issued by a card by Sentrilock and selects a PIN. Usage of this lockbox is monitored. For a nominal fee of $30, we can generate a one time report showing who open this lockbox.

The cost to lease our Electronic Lockbox is $250, $100 will be refunded to you when you return the electronic lockbox to us within 7 days of closing or end of listing term whichever comes first.

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Change of Listing

by xrealty 5. February 2010 02:37

The following changes to the listing requires signatures of all owners and filling up of this form: XRN-ChangeRequest.pdf (107.05 kb)

1. Change of commission

2. Withdrawal of listing

3. Expiry of listing

4. Listing to a new MLS


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Home Seller Fee for Service : Ala-carte services

by xrealty 2. November 2009 23:01
Prepare, Setup and Advertise Showing and Market Analysis Offer Acceptance and Ratification Pre-Settlement Tasks Settlement Miscellaneous



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