Why Is My Contact Information Not Showing in Realtor.com or Other Sites

by xrealty 3. January 2013 20:02
There are two type of people who will see your listing. An agent and the public.

Only agents have direct access to the MLS. Agents sees the showing contact information you provided us. You should have seen this in the print out we sent you the day the listing became active in the MLS.

The public do not have direct access to the MLS. They will see your property through one of the virtually thousands of websites that PULL data from the MLS. The MLS restricts sellers and showing contact information to be displayed in this 3rd party sites for security reason. Please remember that the MLS is designed for agents providing full service to sellers. FSBOs account for a very small fraction of listings in the MLS so their policy is for the majority.

3rd Party sites owner decides who the contact information will be. It will either be us or it could either be someone else. Re/Max and other major players will put their agents contact information if it is their site.

Buyers who contact us by phone are instructed to either visit our website at www.XRealty.NET where they can see your contact information or they can leave a message to our voice mail which is then converted to an audio file. We will forward to you every voice mail and emails we receive for your property.

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FAQ: I Just Placed an Order and Paid, What is Next?

by xrealty 3. November 2009 03:57

Somebody will be in contact with you shortly. We usually respond within a couple of hours.

Depending on the service that you availed, the next step is either to fill-up forms, upload pictures or fax/email documents to us.



FAQ: What is the MLS?

by xrealty 3. November 2009 03:56

MLS, also known as Multiple Listing Service or Multiple Listing System is the most powerfull tool available to Licensed Real Estate Agents when they sell a house. It is a common Database used by Licensed Real Estate where they enter information about properties they sell. This is the Database they also use to search for properties that are for sale whenever they have a Buyer. This is also the same Database where all the Major Real Estate Website that offers Search for Property For Rent/Sale get their data



FAQ: What are the Advantages of Flat Fee MLS Listing?

by xrealty 15. August 2009 04:30

1. It is the Best and Most Cost Effective way available to let the world know that you are selling your house.

2. You reach more Buyers. More than 80% of Buyers do home searches by themselves through the Internet. It is very likely that they will see your Property regardelss which Website they use if your house is in the MLS.

3. Saves you time and Money. Your house will sell quicker. You decide what you give the Agent of the Buyer. You do not pay commission if the Buyer does not work with an Agent. It is the same MLS that Real Estate Agents use whether you pay Full Commission with them or you pay us a Flat Fee.

4. You are in control. In some cases, the best representation you will get is self representation. Why pay 6% comission if putting your house in the MLS is the major thing that Real Estate Agent you will hire to sell your house will do





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