Limited Service - FSBO ultimate advertising in MLS for $499

by xrealty 2. May 2009 21:37

What's included in this package:

  1. Your house advertised in the MLS for 6 Months
  2. Your house advertised in thousands of websites telling the world that you are selling your house. These includes,, and all major Real Estate Brokerage websites.
  3. Your house advertised in major non-MLS sites like Craigslist, Google, Zillow, Walmart Classifieds for Free. This gives you access to buyers potentially not working with a Real Estate Agent thereby possibly saving you thousands in comissions.
  4. You decide the commission you want to give if the buyer of your property has a Real Estate Agent
  5. No commission to pay if the buyer has no Real Estate Agent.
  6. 6 Pictures in the MLS
  7. Unlimited Text Changes to your listing
  8. Standard Printable Flyer
  9. Comparable Market Analysis Report showing how much comparable properties in your area sold for upon request
  10. Federal and State Disclosure Forms
  11. Sign Post with our professional XRealty.NET for sale sign*
  12. Brochure Box*
  13. Lock box use*
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*We let you borrow these items but are only available in Frederick County, Maryland

 Non-MLS sites we advertise your property for FREE


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