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by xrealty 7. January 2013 17:20

We offer aggressive Buyer Rebates. We charge a $100 per property submission offer though to compensate for the time we spend submitting the offer since some offers are not accepted. Reasons why offers are not accepted varies but they are mainly because it is either law ball offer, buyer is not financially qualified to purchase or seller has multiple offers in hand.



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Full Service with Cash Rebate of 25% of our Commission

by xrealty 4. September 2009 02:54

An added advantage of working with us is that we give 25% of our commission to our Buyer clients as a cash Rebate or credit on their Closing costs. While others will lend you their truck for free, the rebate gives you more flexibility to even pay for your movers or buy furnitures you need.

Cash Rebate of 25% of our Commission Details

  1. You need to have an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement with us
  2. There are no forms to fill-up or submit to receive this rebate
  3. You have an option to receive this rebate in a form of credit on closing or in a form of check
  4. Check rebate may have a tax implication. Please consult your Tax Accountant. You should recieve your check rebate within 2 weeks of Settlement.
  5. The minimum commission that we will receive is $3,000 or 75% (based on 3%) of the commission whichever is higher.
  6. A 1/4% surcharge will be deducted from the total rebate if the property is a short sale.
  7. All Terms and Condtions are subject to change without notice. You need to have a written agreement with us in place to be guaranteed to get this offer.

Computation Sample 1

Purchase Price: $300,000
Commission Paid by Seller: 3%
Total Commission: $9,000
Rebate to Buyer: $2,250
Commission left to XRealty.NET: $6,750 

Computation Sample 2

Purchase Price: $150,000
Commission Paid by Seller: 2.5%
Total Commission: $3,750
Rebate to Buyer: $750 (Because a minimum of $3,000 is due to XRealty.NET the Rebate becomes $750)
Commission left to XRealty.NET: $3,000 

Do you feel that our rebate of 25% commission is to small? We offer a higher rebate commission if you are a DIY type. Check out our ....


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